It all started in San Francisco

My love for comics come from my early years as I grew enjoying superheroes and local comic books and heroes. Close friends of my family were comic book artists and I grew surrounded by these strange people drawing and drawing day and night.

 But it all started on November 2007 when I was walking down Market Street in San Francisco and Warner Bros store appeared in front of me as a castle of dreams.

I came into the store and looking at the left side I saw many Warner characters pieces of art in a place they called “Animation Art Gallery”. I love cartoons since I was a child and it was impossible for me to don’t fix my eyes in a huge framed artwork of Bugs Bunny joking and smiling.

and … what it was?

After a couple of minutes of exciting surprise, someone over there told me those artworks was animation art production cels.

Animation art? Production cels?


Our first gallery in 1998

After a couple of hours of conversation with a very funny Warner Bros store guy (who was stuyding animation in University of California) I bought my first piece of animation art, a limited edition cel of Duffy Duck by Chuck Jones… “Nasty Canasta”.

Something was going to happen between Mr.Jones and me years later.

A week later, when I came back to Barcelona I started to study carefully this special kind of art for almost a year, eating books and keeping in touch with many art departments of major studios and animators around the world.

And then, months later… a new gallery was born in 1998 being first animation art and comic art gallery in south Europe. The company, based in Barcelona under BAC ART brand (it was 2008 when the name was changed to Corner4art) started selling animation art, comic art and original certified autographs being our main family business. The gallery was founded by my own family and today still remains as a family business, where a lot of members of our beloved family have been working for years.

We’re really proud about it, considering almost 20 years later, we’re the reference for many collectors around the world.

Our first studios

Since then, the gallery has been selling thousands of artworks for many major studios like Walt Disney, Warner Bros. Linda Jones Enterprises-Chuck Jones, Paws Inc-Garfield, Fox studios, Sowa Reiser or Hulton Getty as many others… 


The company, since its beginnings, keep the intention to educate people to acquire original art from art lovers as we are.


One of the most important things for us was to keep in touch directly with artists and studios and I can’t forget November 1999 when we visited Chuck Jones studio in California and no one there could believe what spanish guys were doing right there asking for official distribution of Chuck Jones art in south Europe… (but was incredible to meet Linda Jones and visit Mr.Jones studio, but unfortunately he was not there because of flu).

He’s one of my beloved artists I can’t never forget…

Our beloved artists

Many artists have been represented since then, thanks to our direct contact with most of them, thanks, for example, to Jordi Macabich, artist,  BARDON ART artists agency, great person and our first business godfather. 

Artists like Carrillo, Badía Romero, Antonio Bernal, Enrique Ventura, Cels Piñol, Cuco Millet, Joan Carles Rodríguez… started with us before 2000. After that, we’ve introduced big names like Manuel Sanjulián, Manuel Sanjulián Jr, Joan Vizcarra, Mike Ratera, Juapi, Tony Fernandez, Juan Carlos Tur and many many others.

We’ve had the great honor to sell for our collectors huge artists artworks from Frank Miller, Boris Vallejo, Romita Sr., Al Williamson, Milo Manara, Uderzo, Pepe Gonzalez, Will Eisner, Marc Davis, Ollie Johnston, Chuck Jones, Virgil Ros and many others…

Corner4art today and tomorrow

Corner4art owns a very strong collection permanent stock of more than 2.500 unique and exclusive artworks based on animation art, comic art, sculptures, limited editions and street art.

We have access to more than 7.000 artworks, where more than 80% of these pieces come from personal artist’s collections or artworks specially selected between our team and the artists to be distributed through Corner4art.

We’re very proud to offer a wide range of artworks and prices to all kind of collectors.

We’re very happy to keep all artists from our first days almost 20 years later. Our intention is to offer the best products range to our dear customers around the world,


In 2016 Corner4art has sold more than 1500 artworks to collectors in 23 different countries around the world.


The team

Sergio Rincón
Co Owner

“Art is my passion since I was a child and I specially love animation art and comic art”

Mafer Blanco
Co Owner

“Live here and now”

Mona Nehring

“Smile, smile and… smile!”

Our Offices and studio

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