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Corner4art visits New York Comic Con

This month Corner4art flew across the ocean landing in New York Comic Con 2017. The huge event was held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center where we had the opportunity to enjoy the latest and greatest in comics, anime, manga and other art.

Most of the highlights of the full experience happened inside the Artist Alley where we were able to rub elbows with lots of artists from different backgrounds and styles from every corner of comics.


Once we crossed the entrance door comic paradise stood in front of us. We started our tour looking for the American artists and authors that already work with us. We are not able to meet them as often as we would like so it is always a pleasure talking face to face in International fairs about what they are working on, their future projects and how we can keep growing together.

Discovering new artists was another big part of the trip.  Almost 500 authors get together in an event like Comic Con NYC, that is a lot of talent to enjoy and an excellent chance to discover authors that could be part of Corner4art in a future. We were able to exchange experiences and knowledge with professionals from different areas. At the same time we could talk and create new relationships with people like other gallerists, distributors and press who did not know about us before.

Bob Camp
Greg Hildebrandt
Jamie Tyndall

The best way to understand how the American market evolves is to dive into it and attending New
York Comic Con was the perfect opportunity. We could gather a lot of information that will
determinate how Corner4art focuses on the future. All the trends are grounded in this kind of
events so it is necessary for us to be there.

Learning more about the news, artists and collectors helps us to find ways of adapting all we have seen about comic trends to our European market.

Fernando Ruiz
Will Torres
Livio Ramondelli

At the same time we were glad to see how the work we showed of authors that are not yet introduced in the American market had a very nice welcome. People was willing to listen to us and learn more about our artists like Juapi and his coffee drawings, Joan Vizcarra with his satiric caricatures or Tony Fernández with his art mixing classic paintings and Disney.

Attending the largest pop culture event on the East Coast was intense and a very enriching experience. We left with a lot of ideas and one big goal, being part of New York Comic Con 2018 with our own booth.

We want to keep being part of this great culture and represent the European authors that fit into the American style showing to everyone present in the next Comic Con their art and creativity.

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