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Coffee paintings

Have you ever thought that the coffee you drink every morning could turn into art? Coffee paintings are the prove. In this last last few years the interest from artists, collectors and art lovers has increased significantly in this coffee creations.


A little bit of Coffee painting history

This way of painting which sounds new and modern is actually as old as time itself. The first coffee paintings appeared centuries ago as coffee began to colonize Europe. Inspiration came from the ancient times where Chinese artists used tea in their art to give their paintings a sepia look.

In the past few years painting and illustrating with coffee has become a common practice among many artists around the world. Coffee artists affirm the texture you get with coffee can not be accomplished with any other technique. It is a way of expression that lets people enjoy art, not only sight but also smell.

The technique

Coffee, water, brushes, pencil and watercolor paper is all you need to start your coffee drawing. The next steps may have differences between various coffee artists but the basic technique is similar for all of them.

First thing to do is coffee preparation, this can be either an instant solution mixed with water or a dense paste that will have similar texture to watercolors. After that is time to sketch the subject of your artwork on paper and finally start painting with the brushes and coffee. Depending on what texture and color you want to get in your final result you can change the coffee/water ratio to achieve a lighter or richer color. Darker hues will require less water than the lighter shades.

Corner4art and Coffee painting: Juapi

In Corner4art we have bet on coffee painting collaborating with our beloved artist Juapi, a reference in his now-definitive coffee style who has been using this technique for the past three years of his career.

We have been partnering with Juapi displaying all his art over the world for months now and it is a pleasure to see how his art improves beautifully every day.

Juapi – real name Juan Antonio- was born in Madrid in 1980. Since a very youg age art was among his interests and talents but was not until he started working and earning some money that Juapi could attend a professional drawing school (first in C-10 Talleres Creativos and then in Esdip).

Juapi and his illustrations

Next was coffee. After having an accident that left him incapacitated for 6 months he decided to start trying new things. It was during the long days of resting at home, bored and looking for a way to pass the time, when surfing the internet a woman’s artwork painted with coffee and colored pencils caught his eye.

“I was curious about it but mixing techniques did not convince me. It was easy to notice the different textures and did not look as a homogenous work.”

In that moment he decide to investigate for himself and gave it a try. He draw Edward Scissorhands and was so happy with the result and felt so good painting with coffee that in eleven days he had drawn ten more illustrations.

The process of his coffee paintings include looking for a special reference image, preparing the coffee paste beforehand and painting layer by layer his design.

“In the one hand if I paint realism I start with light colors and then add the dark tones. On the other hand when I am working comic style I start with the dark tones and then add the volume with the light ones. With coffee I can draw very dark tones that will easily go away with water which lets me paint without fear because I know I can fix it later.”

His last work has been a series of astonishing comic book character portraits .

“Comic characters are not my speciality but for some time I have been working in new concepts of Marvel and DC to see if we could finally develope something together.”

His speciality are cinema and tv series but he definitely is able to draw anything he is asked to if it fits in his style, composition and technique.

Inspiration comes when you least expect it and that is true for Juapi too.

“When I was younger I needed inspiration to start drawing but now I do not. I simply make a working plan with the illustrations I am going to paint in the following days. I think what I will do in the first one and while I am working on it my head starts thinking on the next one. Sometimes I am in the shower and the perfect image regarding the following drawings comes to my mind.”


Regarding his references he claims the principal one and the character he started drawing it’s Dragon Ball. As he grew older and saw what was in the market he added more references to the list like Juanjo Guarnido, Oscar Martin and Enrico Marini.

Coffee painting is definitely a tendency that will keep growing making his path between the typical paintings and from Corner4art we could not be happier about being part of the growth.

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