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Corner4art meets Diego Septiembre

Born in Barcelona, Diego Septiembre has been a Corner4art artist for one year and it has been enough to change his lifestyle: from his office job to working as a full time artist combining music and paint, his two passions.

    His technique and style have changed over time until today. Now he makes realistic comic and movie portraits without losing the essence of the comic characters in incredible artworks. He accepts that an artists’ life can be “very complex, complicated and sometimes painful” but he sends one encouraging message to all the emerging artists and another one to all the collectors.
Dali's Profile by Diego Septiembre
“Corner4art is giving me the golden opportunity that everyone would like to have”
Doctor Strange by Diego Septiembre, 42x30cm.
Diego septiembre with his artworks
Wonder woman by Diego Septiembre, 42x30cm.

Do you want to know who is his favourite superhero or if he has a favourite artwork?

Watch the full interview:

Check Corner4art website to enjoy more of Diego Septiembre’s art:


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