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A different perspective of the contemporary Art

My love for art, animation and comics comes from a long time ago. I grew up surrounded by family friends who worked as comic artists and that gave me the opportunity to watch fascinated how they drew day and night.
The best moment of the week was going to the local comic store and finding more about my favorite superheroes.
Everything changed in November 1996. I was walking down Market Street, San Francisco, when a Warner Bros. store caught my attention. I didn’t think twice and went in.
As I entered looking around, I saw what they call “Animation Art Gallery”, with
many art pieces that included most of Warner characters. The memories from all
the cartoons I had enjoyed as a child came back and I couldn’t resist to stare in
front of a huge framed artwork of Bugs Bunny joking and smiling.
While admiring the artworks, the person working at the store approached to me and we started a conversation. He was currently studying animation at University of California and told me about the uniqueness and singularity of each Animation art and Production cels


After a couple hours of conversation (with the guy that was now studying animation in University of California), I bought my first piece of animation art, a limited edition cel of Duffy Duck created by the great Chuck Jones: “Nasty Canasta”.
At that moment, I couldn’t imagine what was going to happen between Mr. Jones and I, a few  years later.
Once I landed in Barcelona, I started studying carefully this special kind of art. For almost a year, I did all in my hand to become an expert, read all the books, and kept in touch with many animators and art departments of major studios around the world.

Finally, all the work paid off and a new gallery was born in 1998 being the first animation and comic art gallery in south Europe.
The company, called BAC ART (it was 2008 when the name was changed to Corner4art), was based in Barcelona and started selling animation art, comic art and original certified autographs and sports memorabilia (other of my passions).
More than twenty years later, the gallery still remains a family business as an art dealer where family members work proudly every day to continue being a reference for many collectors around the world.
We still do our work every day with collectors, galleries and auction houses around the world with the intention to do all the best to connect artists with art lovers and collectors.

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. The point of using is that it has a more-or-less normal distribution of letters, as opposed to using ‘Content here, content here’, making it look like readable English. 

That’s our natural mission!
My name is Sergio Rincón and I’m here from the beginning.


“Since the beginnings, our purpose has been to encourage people to acquire original artworks from other art lovers like us.”


Since then, the gallery has been selling thousands of artworks to many major studios such as Walt Disney, Warner Bros, Linda Jones Enterprises-Chuck Jones, Paws Inc-Garfield, Fox studios, Sowa Reiser or Hulton-Getty between others.

One of our best strengths is to keep in touch personally with all the artists that we represent and the studios. So as crazy as it sounds, in November 1999 we flew to Chuck Jones studio in California to ask for an official distribution of Chuck Jones art in south Europe. We did it.

We lived the incredible experience of meeting Linda Jones and visiting Mr. Jones studio.

Unfortunately, he was not there because of the flu but he is still one of my favorite artists and I will never forget the incredible experience we had with Linda and their crew.

Mission, Vision & Values


Bring great artists and their work closer to people who are passionate about art and collecting, in a responsible and affordable way.


We believe that we exist to be responsible to the art world, providing artists with strategic support to turn their creations into unforgettable experiences for collectors.
We are committed to being responsible to the world of art by providing artists with strategic support to help them transform their creations into unforgettable experiences for collectors.
We want to be leaders in Europe by helping to collect entertainment art and make it accessible to all types of collectors, in an easy and fun way.


Love of art, sensitivity, passion, ethics, care for artists and their work, fun and quality throughout the customer service process.



First acquisition of an Animation Art artwork : it all started there.


BAC ART was born as first Animation and ComicArt Gallery in Europe.


With Chuck Jones family we sign our first officialrepresentation for SPAIN.
We open our first US Store on eBay.


We start our first own website


We close the physical gallery to move ourbusiness to On-line space.


We change name of BAC ART to CORNER4ART.


We start the new website representing +50 artists.


Starts our collaboration with master SANJULIAN:
A new point of inflexion.


Starting with TONI FERNANDEZ and his DISNEY INSPIRED BY collection.


We met artist Ciruelo Cabral and our livechanges again.


Started managing of Juan Gimenez estate.


First agreement of an art dealer ever with MARADONA to create ART.


We represent +70 artists and brands.


Corner4art owns a very selective collection with more than 4.000 unique and exclusive artworks of animation art, comic art, sculptures, Fantasy Art, limited editions and street art. We have access to additional +7.000 artworks, coming from personal artists’ collections. Each artwork is specially selected between our curator’s team and the artist to be distributed through Corner4art.


Since that moment, we have had the opportunity to represent many artists always having direct contact with most of them, here in Spain and internationally.

Special mention to Jordi Macabich (owner at BARDON ART agency) who was an extraordinary beloved person for our family and our first patron starting the business.

He always gave us real good feedback about the business and the way we should connect with all the artists around the globe and encouraged us to understand the ethics and good manners to work honestly with them.

There’s no better feedback from him than the secret formula for a good long-term relationship with the artists than become an important part of his day to day work.

There are artists such as Antonio Carrillo, Enric Badía Romero, Cels Piñol, Joan Carles Rodríguez… that have been with us since before 2000, and more than 20 years later we keep the relationship with them.

After, we have introduced big names like Manuel Sanjulián, Manuel Sanjulián Jr, Maren (Sanjulian’s brother), Joan Vizcarra, Mike Ratera, VICAR, Antistatik, Tony Fernandez, Dani Fernandez, Diego Septiembre, Arnau Casas, Ruttum, Sergio Bleda, Ramon F. Bachs, Livio Ramondelli, Garotto, Max Pedreira, Juan Carles Tur and many other masters such as Ciruelo Cabral, Juan Gimenez, Estartús, Fernando Suárez, Martín Rodríguez or Jaume Esteve.

We have been honored to sell artworks from Frank Miller, Boris Vallejo, Romita Sr., Al Williamson, Milo Manara, Uderzo, Pepe Gonzalez, Will Eisner, Marc Davis, Ollie Johnston, Chuck Jones, Carl Barks… among many others.

Special mention to Jordi Macabich (owner at BARDON ART agency) who was an extraordinary beloved person for our family and our first patron starting the business.

He always gave us real good feedback about the business and the way we should connect with all the artists around the globe and encouraged us to understand the ethics and good manners to work honestly with them.

The team of CORNER4ART

Sergio Rincón


Jan Rincón


Gabriela Hernández


Merce Juan


Ursula López


Jordi Juan


Paloma Isac


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