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Sanjulian Fantastic Art Master exhibition

The San Sebastian Festival is the most important film festival held in Spain and in Spanish-speaking countries as a whole, as well as one of the longest-running and most prestigious in Europe. In fact, it is one of the largest and most important cultural events in Spain. It is the only festival of the highest category (A) in the country and one of only seven European festivals and fourteen worldwide with this category. Throughout its history, it has been the scene of outstanding events of international dimensions, such as the international premiere of Vertigo and the world premiere of North by Northwest, both by Alfred Hitchcock, and the European premiere of the first title of the Star Wars saga in 1977.

These exclusive Fine Art Giclées on Canvas and Paper has been exhibited in San Sebastian International Film Festival in 2021 at “Sanjulian Fantastic Art Master” exhibition and all the pieces has been hand signed by master Sanjulian.


joan vizcarra

Embellished artworks by Joan Vizcarra

The embellished are high-quality giclées hand retouched one by one by the artist, either by drawing or painting the artwork thus blending the reproduction with the original artwork.

All these artworks are embellished and retouched one by one by Joan Vizcarra.