Coffee art paintings

Coffee paintings are the prove. In this last last few years the interest from artists, collectors and art lovers has increased significantly in this coffee creations.

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… and a little bit of history!

In the past few years painting and illustrating with coffee has become a common practice among many artists around the world.
Coffee artists affirm the texture you get with coffee can not be accomplished with any other technique. It is a way of expression that lets people enjoy art, not only sight but also smell.

How the artworks was created

about our main artist

An artist life full of coffee…


Spanish comic artist, Antonio Gutierrez, AKA “GUTI” has worked with several techniques including coffee since many years ago.

Beside his daily work as cover artist for a national newspaper and other international publishers, Guti has published several works including covers and illustrations for comic books national and internationally.

His very well known and defined style is fully inspired by french and belgium classic artists but his inking style combines the two worlds of american comic art and french classic comic style.

He started with coffee many years ago, replacing traditional watercolors by the shapes and textures of coffee witht he intention to give warmer shapes to his drawings and illustrations.

Since two years ago, he exclusively creates coffee drawings and paintings for Corner4art Gallery and his works has been sold around the worls and are strongly appreciated by collectors.

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