Donald Duck Family Inspired By Rembrandt’s Painting “The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp”.

Tony Fernandez.

50 x 4 x 70 cm.

In 1632, when Rembrandt was 26 years old, he was commissioned by the Amsterdam Guild of Surgeons to paint a group portrait of one of the most important social events of the time, an anatomical dissection. As it could not be otherwise, this important baroque master depicts Dr. Tulp, a famous 17th-century Amsterdam physician, and a group of surgeons in a dramatic staging.

From right to left, in a dark room with a light emanating from the body, we can see an open anatomy book while Dr. Donald Duck, the main character of the composition, is dissecting the carcass of a freshly cooked turkey. On his left, a group of surgeon ducks dressed appropriately for the occasion attentively observe the anatomy lesson while one of them holds a sheet with notes. In the background, there is a scroll dated 1632 with Rembrandt’s signature.

Exclusively, and for his collection “Inspired By” Tony Fernandez creates this great piece of art starring The Donald Duck Family in a large format with great impetus and dedication.

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