Garotto was born in La Paz, Bolivia, but in his teens he began to spend time in Argentina and for years he lived between both countries until the family ended up moving to Buenos Aires.

Everything involved in the construction process, from conceiving an abstract, original idea, then working towards creating it, to its actual physical realization, is what he’s most passionate about.

Being a huge fan of fashion, both pret-a-porter and haute couture, he decided to start creating art that paid homage to influential fashion designers of our time, conceptualizing each piece of art according to his imagination inspired by a fusion combining the designers’ with other artistic visions. 

The Art dressed by Versace Home

His exclusive collections pays homage to several artistic visions, from pop art to  street art cultures, combining them with Versace’s iconic design and  maintaining the transgressive values of elegance, robustness, modernity, exclusivity and eternal youth.

The collection created by artist Garotto, uses Versace Home materials to craft a collection of unique, breathtaking artworks that are making strides in the market; taking his passion for boundary-spanning artistic visions, crafts, and materials to a new height.

the way collections are made

Enter Garotto’s world to discover the craftsmanship, skills and talent that go into making the most exclusive artworks made with ©Versace Home materials.


Starting off with a tribute to ©Versace, comprising collages on canvas and sculptures, using only high-quality materials, officially licensed fabrics, wallpaper and wall patterns from their collections.

And currently joining forces with Corner4art for the exclusive worldwide distribution of his multi-awarded work under the brand name Garotto Art.

ONE of ONE art

The hand that gives life to the works designs, prepares and creates the artworks one by one, thus making them unique for each collector, numbered and hand signed as one of one series.

Each product comes certified with all licensed original ©Versace Home materials and numbered with its own registered official serial numbers.


Exclusivity is in the details.

Each artwork is adjusted, revised several times and improved under the accurate quality leveles fixed by the artist himself.

Each artwork becomes an exclusive unique piece of collection for the most delicated collectors.

Medusa Collection

Icons and Idols Collection

want a commission?

Set your budget, describe your perfect artwork and the artist will then accept your offer or contact you via Corner4art to further discuss your requirements.


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The cooperation for Versace wallpaper is so successful not least because here, two masters of their trade meet: Both wallpaper manufacturer A.S. Création and the Italian fashion company were founded in the late seventies. And while Versace caused a sensation with its exquisite fashion, the German wallpaper manufacturer has quickly become one of the most prestigious representatives of the industry in all of Europe. Versace Wallpaper unites the best of two worlds, so that Versace Home wallpaper by A.S. Creation stand for excellent production and select materials as well as charismatic designs. After all, the company from Gummersbach knows a lot about noble wallpaper creations: With collections like Chateau or Hermitage, the wallpaper manufacturer proves that Versace Wallpapers has royal company.