By any standards Comic Art is booming!

Record auctions in the States, Europe and Asia, and private transactions doubling their prices in a year, have made Original Comic Art one of the best performing assets in the investment market. Add to that, the increased relevance of Comic Art at art exhibitions and fairs all over the world, a growing number of artists, and the NFT phenomenon; at this point, no one will deny that we are entering the golden era for the Comic Art .

At Corner4art we are fans of the Superhero brainchild of the Comic Art, be that you may be considering acquiring some comic artwork for investment purposes or merely because it is your passion, we have gathered a beautiful collection, including some original art from Sanjulian, Sanjulian Jr., and Toni Fernandez, with a wide range of styles, formats, techniques and prices to help start or grow your own collection.

Batman Portrait SJ#1
43 x 31 cm

And to make it even more appealing, join our private sale, with a 30% discount in all art, only until March 21.

Feast your eyes and happy hunting!

I’m not able to close a drawing without become what I consider the perfection…

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