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That’s the way it all started after an open discussion between Sanjulian Jr. and Sergio Rincón.

“Sure… I always had in my mind Tom Cruise as a new version of Superman character”…

Can you imagine a young Clint Eastwood as Wolverine or a beautiful Monica Bellucci as Catwoman?… Sanjulian Jr. said.

Few minutes later, two comic books and movies frikies started a project for the next two years and a half based on Hollywood actor and/or actresses as superherores. 

Collection production should be done by Sergio Rincón and all artistic creation by Sanjulian Jr. hands…

Discussions about how to improve every details was huge and finally many decissions was taken under both parts agreement (artist and producer):

So… Hollywood characters should be well know by mass market public, both parts can propose a final superhero to be fit, it’s a must a link between character and superhero, all drawings should be done with single graphite pencil and no digital corrections will be allowed… and all of them must be created over large format high quality paper. That’s all !!!

Once the rules was already defined, the first list of characters was huge and then we decided to create a first style sample based on one character we both love: Christopher Reeve and Superman.

The artistic concept was created with a lighted drawings between Pepe Gonzalez and Alex Ross styles…

… and then happened!

After almost three months discussing about possible characters and their superheroes combinations, it was a nightmare to fit the combination sense between both, Finally, working step by step, and after tons of hours of discussions, we agree about the main aspect to fit between the human and fiction being: soul.
His or her soul must define the conexion line between both parts. If we think doesn’t exist the proposal doesn’t work.
And a sample of final results is what you can see below…

How the artwork was created


Each illustration created by Sanjulian Jr is dot by dot pure carbon pencil. The process is extremely delicated and slow to draw. The average time on each masterpiece is within 5-8 weeks.

Tom Cruise and Superman step by step pencil process in 5 weeks


Dolph Lundgren and Thor step by step process in 6 weeks


About the artist

A penciler life…

Drawing for Europe and USA since more than 30 years ago, Manuel Sanjulian Jr. started drawing girls portraits hand to hand with his master, the Warren years icon, Jose “Pepe” Gonzalez, known as one of the best Hollywood illustrators in the pencil drawing history.

Being son of great master icon Sanjulian, he’s been working close to his father doing illustrations for European and US publishers with a very personal style.

Today he’s considered one of the most important pencillers in Holywood illustration world. 

Each pencil illustration created by Sanjulian Jr is a diamond strongly desired by most important collectors around the world.

We’re very proud to introduce exclusively this new collection to most delicated collectors…