Juan gimenez

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Juan Gimenez is one of the world’s most admired comic artist, having produced some of the most iconic comic art imaginery ever, notably his collaboration with Jodorowsky at “The Metabarons” saga, and “The Forth Power”, among many other.

As the sole representative for Juan Gimenez’s Estate, Corner4art had the immense privilege to visit Juan’s archive and collections. Ever since we have been working to make it available to his countless legions of fans. And here it is, the entire collection of Limited Editions and Ex-Libris, all stamped and with certification of authenticity.

And to make it even more appealing, with a private sale €50 discount for each order over €150 with code “juangimenez”. Only until Monday.


ex libris

“I hope you enjoy with this art…”

Juan Giménez