Knon enjoys developing several painting techniques based on comic, animation and movie characters to create a different work far from traditional references.

The artworks have been exhibited over the world and he’s been considered an artist closer to abstract art painting or informalism because of the solid textures he uses to work with as sands, varnishes, marble or dust. His former collections of comic characters have been defined as “comic expressions on matter”.

“One of my latest works tributes great comic masters like Hogarth, Raymond, Caniff, Spiegelman, Manara, Uderzo, Will Eisner or Frank Miller.”

It’s not very common to mix comics and abstract works, but it’s the way I feel it!

To tribute masters like Frazetta, Eisner, Adams or Spiegelman it’s how I connect them with my art…

“Every good artist paints what he is”

Jackson Pollock