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Sanjulian started drawing for Warren Publishing with Frazetta in 1970, and soon after his Vampirella and Conan characters gained international recognition. He’s worked for several of the most reputable publishers in the US, Warren, Warner, Bantam, Signet and many more.

Sanjulian’s legion of fans include some of the most well known comic art collectors, such as George Lucas or Guillermo del Toro and artists, Sylvester Stallone, Danny de Vitto, Robert Englund or Mel Gibson, just to mention a few. He is an honored and awarded member of the Society of of Illustrators in NYC.

Latest artworks…


Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan The Barbarian

Original Art


Original Art


Original Art

Johnny Weissmüller as Tarzan

Original Art

Han Solo & Chewbacca

Original Art


Original Art

The Godfather

Original Art

Conan Sword

Original Art

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Comic covers | Book covers | Movie Posters | Advertising Illustrations | Character’s designs | TV series Concept Art

When Frank Frazetta and I were talking about the Spanish artist who impressed us, Frank himself commented that he had to improve even more because otherwise a certain artist Sanjulián was going to put us all out of work.

– Neal Adams

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