Manuel Sanjulián

60 years illustrating worlds of fantasy…

I started drawing in 1970 with Frazetta in the American magazine company Warren Publishing. Their Vampirella and Conan covers gained recognition at international level.

I’ve worked for all of the important New York publishers: Avon, Warner, Bantam, Signet, etc.

Although naturally his most fervent admirers are Americans, followers throughout the world collect his reproductions. Collectors of comic book characters (Batman, Red Sonja, Vampirella, etc) or famous actors request drawings from Sanjulián, in the style of oil painting or pencil drawings..

Throughout my professional career I’ve also collaborated on projects such as THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, and I had the opportunity to create the cover art for the DVD release of George Lucas THX 1138. 

George Lucas, himself, owns many Sanjulian original oils and pencil artworks. Silvester Stallone, Danny de Vitto, Mel Gibson and many other celebrities owns Sanjulian original creations…

Honored and warded member of SOCIETY OF ILLUSTRATORS.

Corner4art represents exclusively many artworks from his own personal collection

Nobody can imagine how Frazetta inspired me working together for Warren…

Below you can see some artworks recently acquired by collectors around the world…

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“Never give up”

Manuel Sanjulian