Oil on Canvas
146 x 4 x 97 cm


Catwoman, debuting as “The cat” in Batman in 1940, is one of the Dark Knight’s oldest enemies. Her character was created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, appearing for the first time in American comics, and published by DC Comics in association with the superhero Batman.

Now, Martin Rodriguez brings back a realistic portrait of this young woman for his delight and that of his countless fans. Using the technique of oil on canvas, the artist portrays the character of Catwoman on a timeless red background. This supervillainess, Batman’s adversary, appears with her trademark tight-fitting black cap and glasses. Known as the “anti-heroine”, her erotic-based symbolism is glimpsed in this portrait through her half-open red lips and enigmatic blue eyes.

Every detail has been painted with precision, with a silent stroke, including the texture of the skin and each of the freckles on her face. As a result, Martin Rodriguez transforms a cartoon character, Catwoman, into a living being in this extraordinary portrait.