«Painting is reinterpreted with the discovery of new metaphors, it’s revealed through our sensitivity, the weight of the personal imprint which is a mirror into both painter and man.»


Batman and Catwoman on the Road

Acrylic on Canvas
210 x 160 x 2 cm 


Batman and Catwoman on the road  is considered by the artist his introduction into the world of comics, which have always been a great source of inspiration for him. Based on Batman’s film debut directed by Tim Burton, Batman (1989), and Batman Returns (1992), Pedreira depicts this scene of eroticism and the complicity of the DC Comics superhero couple through his original style.

This painting is the result of a clear convergence among the different artistic styles such as Symbolism and the German expressionism movement and therefore, the artwork of Edvard Munch and Gustav Klimt as well as the cinematic style of Tim Burton. From the influence of German expressionism, the artist leaves behind all references to perspective and human anatomy and represents, through his sensibility, a parallel world. From the symbolism of the fin-de-siècle, Pedreira is inspired by the ornamentation of his canvases and murals. Inheriting the horror vacui, the artist represents the composition with asymmetrical and irregular lines that give the artwork intense and sensual energy.

Tim Burton’s cinema has a strong influence on the portrayal of the characters and the predominant color palette.

A noteworthy aspect of the artwork is the treatment of space. With a range of dark colors, Pedreira divides the composition into three different planes. In the background, a dark sky, and a waning moon. In the second plane, the town is represented by buildings with pointed roofs, and in the foreground, Catwoman points at the exit of the road, while Batman is driving the Batmobile.

This artwork also stands out for the number of details that interweave it and give the viewer the possibility to choose the direction he wants to take, either the exit or go ahead, as well as the possibility to dissect each of the planes deciphering all the information hidden among the painting. Features its eclectic movement, this painting is made from the fusion of different techniques artists, including acrylic, oil, and gouache.