Corner4art artists collaborate with Fundación Kalilu Jammeh

We are thrilled to announce that Corner4art artists have raised 1.689€ to collaborate with Fundació Kalilu Jammeh projects! Kalilu Jammeh Foundation aims to prevent emigration of Gambians by developing and stimulating the social economy of their country as well as by creating work opportunities so they don’t have to emigrate. The foundation implements Educational, Agriculture […]

Coffee paintings

Have you ever thought that the coffee you drink every morning could turn into art? Coffee paintings are the prove. In this last last few years the interest from artists, collectors and art lovers has increased significantly in this coffee creations.   A little bit of Coffee painting history This way of painting which sounds […]

Corner4art visits New York Comic Con

This month Corner4art flew across the ocean landing in New York Comic Con 2017. The huge event was held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center where we had the opportunity to enjoy the latest and greatest in comics, anime, manga and other art. OUR EXPERIENCE AT NEW YORK COMIC CON Discovering new artists was […]

An introduction to artist Mike Ratera

Since many months ago we’ve been discussing with all our artists how to give Corner4art friends and collectors a different perspective of them and their artwork. We’ve been having conversations with many of them as an open interview. With Mike Ratera we start these new interview issues were we would like you meet them a […]

Take an art break visiting our new website

We are excited to announce our new and refreshed online gallery is  already live for all collectors!!! We also have included more products, new categories based on animation art and sculptures and many more represented artists. These few updates make the online gallery easier and more enjoyable to use for all our collectors. We’ll be updating […]

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