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This limited edition giclée features the cover of “A Matter of Time” originally published by Toutain Editor in 1982 and one of Juan Gimenez’s most iconic works. Created by Corner4art in collaboration with Juan Gimenez’s family, this amazing giclée is part of a new, exclusive limited edition collection. It represents one of the first limited editions created to honor Juan Gimenez’s artistic legacy and fulfill his wish to share his work with esteemed collectors. This collection is based on six masterpieces by Juan Gimenez, with each piece limited to only 75 copies. Each giclée is individually hand-numbered and includes a certificate of authenticity, Juan Gimenez’s printed signature, and the official Juan Gimenez seal. Additionally, with the purchase of each giclée, a giclée of the corresponding preliminary sketch for each artwork is included. “A Matter of Time”, written and illustrated by Juan Gimenez, is a compilation of short stories centered around a common theme: time travel. Among these stories are DIY, Tridisex, Express, Entropy, 8 1/2, Chronology, and Residue.  


Not Framed
Giclée on Favini Paper
Artwork size: 32 x 45 cm (12,5 x 17,7 inch)
Image area: 32 x 45 cm (12,5 x 17,7 inch)


Juan Gimenez was an Argentine comic book artist and writer, based in Spain, most recognized for his trademark intricate artwork, evoking mechanical designs. He was born in 1943 in the province of Mendoza, Argentina.He went on to produce other comics such as “Gangrène,” “Question of Time,” ” The Fourth Power”, “Leo Roa” and “The Saga of the Meta-barons”, among others. Gimenez was heavily influenced by the sci-fi and fantasy genres and his comics often dealt with themes of war and military paraphernalia. His work was recognized with several awards, including the Grand Prize for Best Album at the Angoulême International Comics Festival for “The Fourth Power” in 1990.

A Matter of Time | Limited Edition & Preliminary

Limited Edition of 75
Hand Numbered
Artwork size: 45 x 32 cm (17,7 x 12,5 inch)
Image area: 45 x 32 cm (17,7 x 12,5 inch)
Giclée on Favini Paper
Mint Condition
Juan Gimenez’s Official Seal
This limited edition giclée features the cover of “A Matter of Time” originally published by Toutain Editor in 1982 and one of Juan Gimenez’s most iconic works.

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