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This extraordinary illustration has been skillfully crafted by Spanish artist Angel Bazal, showcasing his virtuosic technique and the hallmark precision and meticulous attention to detail that define his work.Without previous sketches and from a spontaneous improvisation, Bazal has created this work in homage to the great master Kim Jung Gi.


Not Framed
Ink on Paper
Artwork size: 21 x 30 cm (8,2 x 11,8 inch)
Image area: 21 x 30 cm (8,2 x 11,8 inch)

Bazal worlds with master Kim Jung Gi as a point of reference

Bazal, a comic artist was influenced by the renowned Kim Jung Gi. He has mastered the art of breaking down complex forms into simpler geometric shapes. With a style reminiscent of the great master himself, Angel’s work captivates with its meticulous precision and exceptional technique in his own style. Drawing on the importance of keen observation and developing a strong visual memory, Angel’s artwork transcends the boundaries of imagination. Through careful study of real-life subjects, objects, and environments, he has built a vast visual library that fuels his creative genius. The result? Extraordinary scenes brought to life without relying on references. With a monochromatic color palette, Angel’s artwork goes beyond the ordinary. It evokes evocative atmospheres that transport viewers to post-apocalyptic landscapes, sci-fi realms, and cyberpunk vistas. Dynamic compositions, employing foreshortening, dramatic angles, and multiple vanishing points, infuse his pieces with an unparalleled sense of energy and realism, reminiscent of Kim Jung Gi’s iconic style and reference. Immerse yourself in Angel Bazal’s visionary world of comic art and storytelling that he weaves into every stroke. Prepare to be captivated by the fusion of technique, imagination, and the spirit of Kim Jung Gi style.


Angel Bazal is a talented comic artist with a passion for drawing and illustration. He received formal training in Illustration from the Valladolid Art School in 1995 and has since honed his technical skills and explored various artistic styles. He draws inspiration from a variety of sources, including his favorite artists such as Uderzo, Paolo Serpieri, JC Leyendecker, and Kim Jung Gi. He is particularly interested in post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, and cyberpunk themes. Angel’s monochromatic color palette allows him to create evocative atmospheres in his works. He is currently focused on fulfilling commissioned artwork for private collectors around the world.

Kim Jung Gi Tribute #3

Artwork size: 30 x 21 cm (11,8 x 8,2 inch)
Image area: 30 x 21 cm (11,8 x 8,2 inch)
Ink on Paper
Mint Condition
Hand Signed
This remarkable artwork has been crafted by Angel Bazal as a homage to Kim Jung Gi, one of the most renowned artists of the 21st century.



By Sergio Rincon
This extraordinary artwork is the first one after Angel Bazal decided to start his own point of view taking the master Kim Jung Gi as a point of reference. It’s his first composition creating a 100% new athmosphere under his own imagination. I’ve had the opportunity to check theartwork in my hands and it’s absolutely stunning.

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Mixed Media on Paper
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