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The groundbreaking creation process of Josep Maria Pasto in this magnificent sculpture involves the utilization of common objects in our daily lives, such as a sewing machine, a pan, and other recycled metal objects, to shape the iconic Mickey Mouse while preserving the integrity of each item. Pasto transforms the conventional use of these everyday objects, turning them into fundamental elements of a new narrative, a new life, and a renewed experience.


Not Framed
Mixed Media
Artwork size: 43 x 128 cm (7,8 x 50,4 inch)
Image area: 20 x 128 cm (30,7 x 50,4 inch)


Josep Maria Pasto is a highly acclaimed Spanish sculptor renowned for his skill in transforming iconic characters into vibrant sculptures using everyday objects. Through a unique blend of techniques like assemblage and a wide range of materials including wood, clay, and metal, he creates abstract sculptures that capture the essence of his subjects. Despite his professional training as a telecommunications engineer, Pasto’s lifelong passion for art guided him to pursue sculpture under his father’s tutelage. Starting with clay figures and honing his skills at the “Escuela de Artes Aplicadas y Oficios Artísticos de Tàrrega”, he gained recognition for his originality and the seamless integration of traditional and modern methods in his artwork. Pasto’s creative process is marked by spontaneity and a desire to materialize his imaginative ideas. His unwavering dedication and love for sculpture continue to push him towards new artistic horizons and achievements.

Mickey Mouse #2

Artwork size: 128 x 43 cm (50,4 x 7,8 inch)
Image area: 128 x 20 cm (50,4 x 30,7 inch)
Mixed Media
Mint Condition
Hand Signed
This exceptional sculpture of Mickey Mouse arises from the artist’s experimentation by combining different techniques, styles and materials with different properties, origins, and textures.


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