Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mose Riding a Bicycle

This stunning painting depicts a lovely couple of Mickey and Minnie Mouse riding a bicycle.

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Max Pedreira depicts the lovely Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse Disney on a romantic date riding a bicycle. The artist has merged in this exceptional painting tradition with modernity without losing the original essence of the magical world of Disney.


  • Maximiliano Pedreira is a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a self-taught artist who started off as a musician and soon found his calling as a self-defined figurative-abstract painter. His complex artworks take the viewers on a visual whirlwind of pictorial poetry making them stop and contemplate in depth the expression of his very own inner world and spirit and the flow of overwhelming emotions. Throughout his career, he has worked as an art teacher, been asked to participate as a juror and curator in multiple major art competitions, and exhibited his art in more than 80 museums and art galleries internationally.

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