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This original painting of MIckey Mouse has been created by Spanish artist Joan Carles Rodriguez.


Not Framed
Watercolor on Cardboard
Artwork size: 32 x 40 cm (12,6 x 15,7 inch)
Image area: 32 x 40 cm (12,6 x 15,7 inch)


Joan Carles Rodriguez has extensive experience in the art world, particularly for his illustrations inspired by books, novels, classic animation, movies, and music characters. He has produced a range of works in watercolor and oil, including depictions of popular figures like The Beatles, Elvis, Mickey, Donald, and Duffy Duck. His paintings have been featured in over 30 exhibitions since his first showing in 1988, and many of his original works continue to be sought after by art collectors.

Mickey Mouse Sorcerer #2

Artwork size: 40 x 32 cm (15,7 x 12,6 inch)
Image area: 40 x 32 cm (15,7 x 12,6 inch)
Watercolor on Cardboard
Mint Condition
Hand Signed
This original painting of MIckey Mouse has been created by Spanish artist Joan Carles Rodriguez.


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