Mickey Wears Versace – Homage To Hirst


Garotto Art provides a glamorous image of our beloved Mickey Mouse Inspired by Hirts and covered with original ©Versace Home materials.

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This original artwork, Mickey Wears ©Versace – Homage to Hirst, is a representation of the iconic Mickey Mouse conceived according to Garotto’s own vision. The famous character created by The Walt Disney Company in 1928, mascot of the company since then, that in the past has served as inspiration to some of the greatest artists like Damien Hirst, Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol, as a symbol of universal language between people of different generations and places, is back again inspiring Garotto to create a new version with his unique style for the Medusa Collection.

Ten years ago, Damien Hirst chose the lovely cartoon character as his inspiration to create an artwork, making his own version of the famous mouse as a symbol of the joy of being a child for a children’s charity. Now, Garotto, in turn inspired by Hirst, reinvents both Mickey Mouse and her girlfriend Minnie Mouse, recovering the essence of that message.

In the series Mickey Meets Medusa, Garotto joins the ©Versace fashion brand and the artistic icon, Mickey Mouse, innovation, and tradition. From the handmade wooden base to the figure, the whole piece has been meticulously designed, carved, and polished, then covered with original ©Versace Home materials. Through a process of conceptualization, with key elements, using a wide variety of textures, techniques, fabrics, patterns, shapes, and a range of colors between black, gold, white and red, the artist has come up with this sensational three-dimensional work.

This work of art can be shipped worldwide from Garotto Art’s studio in Sitges (Barcelona), Spain.


  • Garotto is a Bolivian-born artist with a passion for art and a multidisciplinary approach to his work. After spending time in Bolivia and Argentina, he settled in Buenos Aires and pursued various artistic endeavors, including running a tattoo studio, creating handmade furniture, and designing merchandise for motorcycle clubs. He also worked on carnival parade floats in Brazil and collaborated with Warner Bros. on clothing design. In 2004, he moved to Spain and became involved in projects with Santa Eulalia, a luxury fashion house. Garotto is skilled in watercolor painting, sculpting, and embroidery, and he enjoys collaborating with other artists. His recent partnership with Disney animator Tony Fernández resulted in three-dimensional sculptures. His work, including collages and sculptures using high-quality materials, has earned him multiple awards and is distributed worldwide under the brand name Garotto Art through a collaboration with Corner4art.

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