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Prince Rogers Nelson, was the great renovator of black music in his country during the 1980s. Best known for his eclectic work, he was a self-taught musician, composer, and dancer among others. He acquired great popularity thanks to his wide vocal register and his provocative and extravagant image. Garotto, who considers himself one of his countless fans and knows very well the entire career of the prince of music, wanted to pay tribute to him with this artwork merging, as it could not be otherwise, fashion and art. Knowing Prince’s extravagant and daring image, Garotto had to choose one of the most prestigious fashion brands in the world to honor Prince’s unique style and ©Versace was the chosen brand, as it fits all these ideals of luxury and distinction. Thus, using materials from ©Versace Home, Garotto portrays Prince in profile on a golden background with a Greek-style pattern. The singer is dressed in a ©Versace “Virtus” print suit in a chromatic range of whites, grays, and golds, and finished with a black collar with the logo of Medusa. Prince’s face is perfectly defined, as well as the mole on his cheek, his thick lips, and his curly hair. The artist’s creativity, Prince’s style, and ©Versace’s iconic design merge in this work that exudes elegance and refinement. —


Not Framed
Mixed Media
Artwork size: 72 x 80 cm (28,3 x 31,5 inch)
Image area: 72 x 80 cm (28,3 x 31,5 inch)

Garotto Art and Versace Home materials

Versace Home papers are not only a luxurious backdrop for furniture and decor, but they can also be transformed into works of art themselves when paired with the right artist. Garotto Art is a unique artist in the world who exclusively works with Versace Home papers to create luxury works of art. His pieces are bold, colorful, and intricately crafted, taking inspiration from classic Italian art, pop art culture, street art, and even celebrities. Garotto Art’s use of Versace Home papers in his works elevates them to a whole new level of luxury and sophistication. His pieces often feature iconic figures, such as Marilyn Monroe or David Bowie, recreated in vibrant colors and bold patterns. The wallpapers provide a unique texture and depth to the pieces, making them stand out as true statement pieces. The combination of Versace Home papers and Garotto Art’s talent creates a fusion of classic luxury and modern pop art. The intricate designs and attention to detail in the wallpapers perfectly complement Garotto Art’s bold and vibrant style. It is a perfect example of how different art forms can be combined to create something truly unique and stunning. Whether you are a fan of classic Italian art or modern pop culture, the mix between Versace Home papers and Garotto Art has something to offer. It is a perfect way to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any space, while also incorporating bold and colorful pop art elements. The artworks are not VERSACE OFFICIAL branded, but just original garotto artworks using the licensed Versace materials and adquired from his official wallpapers distributor.
Garotto is a Bolivian-born artist with a passion for art and a multidisciplinary approach to his work. After spending time in Bolivia and Argentina, he settled in Buenos Aires and pursued various artistic endeavors, including running a tattoo studio, creating handmade furniture, and designing merchandise for motorcycle clubs. He also worked on carnival parade floats in Brazil and collaborated with Warner Bros. on clothing design. In 2004, he moved to Spain and became involved in projects with Santa Eulalia, a luxury fashion house. Garotto is skilled in watercolor painting, sculpting, and embroidery, and he enjoys collaborating with other artists. His recent partnership with Disney animator Tony Fernández resulted in three-dimensional sculptures. His work, including collages and sculptures using high-quality materials, has earned him multiple awards and is distributed worldwide under the brand name Garotto Art through a collaboration with Corner4art.

Prince – © Versace Home

Artwork size: 72 x 80 cm (28,3 x 31,5 inch)
Image area: 72 x 80 cm (28,3 x 31,5 inch)
Mixed Media
Hand Signed
This exceptional mixed-media artwork is a glamorous portrait of Prince covered with original ©Versace Home materials.


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