Star Wars #3


Original inked drawing of KYLO REN on Star Wars movie.

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Original inked drawing of KYLO REN on Star Wars movie, edited by Planeta DeAgostini.


  • Cels Piñol (born 1970 in Barcelona) is a multifaceted artist who works as a screenwriter, illustrator, comic book artist, novelist, social network manager, and designer among others. His works, including "Fan Letal", "Fanhunter", "Plan BB", "Fantom Town", "Deadfan" and "Outfan", have been successful in the Spanish market and have been published in multiple countries. Among its publishers are Planeta DeAgostini, Panini Comics and Devir Iberia, which manages its license and will publish games and related products. Cels has been creating fan works for 27 years, mixing elements of his own life with science fiction, horror, fantasy and mythomania. He has written three novels and more than 100 comics.

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