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“Tribute to Mondrian I” is a remarkable mixed media artwork created by the multicultural artist Garotto for The Medusa Collection. This masterpiece pays homage to Piet Mondrian’s iconic style, reimagining it with a unique artistic flair using luxurious ©Versace Home Wallpapers.

The project was born from the concept of interpreting one of the art world’s most iconic works, infusing it with the artist’s personal touch and originality through the utilization of high-quality materials from the renowned fashion brand, ©Versace.

Unique Variations:
Upon close examination, one can appreciate the minor variations within the composition. These details include the precise shades of the primary colors, the varying thickness of the black lines, and the size and shape of the geometrical grids that define Mondrian’s compositions. These variations add depth and character to the piece, further emphasizing the fusion of contemporary artistry and the enduring legacy of Mondrian’s work.

In “Tribute to Mondrian I” Garotto successfully bridges the gap between art and fashion, creating a striking and original interpretation of a timeless masterpiece. This artwork is a testament to the power of artistic innovation and the enduring influence of iconic figures in the art world.


Mixed Media
Artwork size: 140 x 70 cm (55,1 x 27,5 inch)
Image area: 140 x 70 cm (27,5 x 55,1 inch)

Creation Process

Garotto embarked on an extensive and meticulous creative process to bring this vision to life. Every aspect of the artwork, from its initial design to its final polish, was carefully executed by the artist himself. The pièce de résistance, however, was the incorporation of original ©Versace Home materials. These materials were seamlessly integrated into the artwork, resulting in an piece of art that marries the worlds of high fashion and fine art.


Garotto is a Bolivian-born artist with a passion for art and a multidisciplinary approach to his work. After spending time in Bolivia and Argentina, he settled in Buenos Aires and pursued various artistic endeavors, including running a tattoo studio, creating handmade furniture, and designing merchandise for motorcycle clubs. He also worked on carnival parade floats in Brazil and collaborated with Warner Bros. on clothing design. In 2004, he moved to Spain and became involved in projects with Santa Eulalia, a luxury fashion house. Garotto is skilled in watercolor painting, sculpting, and embroidery, and he enjoys collaborating with other artists. His recent partnership with Disney animator Tony Fernández resulted in three-dimensional sculptures. His work, including collages and sculptures using high-quality materials, has earned him multiple awards and is distributed worldwide under the brand name Garotto Art through a collaboration with Corner4art.

Tribute to Mondrian I – © Versace Home

Artwork size: 70 x 140 cm (27,5 x 55,1 inch)
Image area: 70 x 140 cm (55,1 x 27,5 inch)
Mixed Media
Hand Signed
“Tribute to Mondrian I” by Garotto for The Medusa Collection masterfully blends Mondrian’s iconic style with Versace Home wallpapers, creating an exceptional homage that fuses art and fashion in a contemporary twist.


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