by Estartús

Special Giclée Edition

There are few, rare occasions when one feels he’s in front of something  special, something that connects with you in a very deep way. Personally, I had this moment when I first met Estartus. Jaume Mestres, Estartús, (Barcelona, 1949) is the only member alive of the famed abstract neo informalism generation. Heavily influenced by his close friend and mentor, Tàpies, as well as Feito, Estartus’ works are exhibited in more than 100 museums and art foundations around the globe, his lates ones have been located in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, Paris, Rome, Oporto, Laponia, Rumania, Taiwan, Doren, Madrid, Tel Aviv, Leece, Bolonia, London and Amsterdam.

Today, it is my pleasure to introduce you Estartus’ rarest collection, “American Black Cinema”, which is the result of a bold attempt to step out of his comfort zone and well know style, a process he initiated many years ago with two previous collections, “People” and “People II”, to offer these masterpieces the strength of his brushes and lights.

Since he started his career 50 years ago, his artworks have been acquired by personalities, avid collectors and celebrities around the world.

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Portrait special edition

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Our production department is full of fanatic art-lovers. Our experienced team has printed and framed for world-renowned artists around the world and now hand to hand with master Estartús we offer to collectors worldwide the possibility of acquiring a huge range of  formats such as Fine Art Prints, Canvas and Giclées with amazing illustrations supervised and licensed by artists himself.

  • Limited Edition of 5 pieces per artwork + 2AP +2HC
  • Series: Numbered 1 to 5


What a Giclée is?

Giclée vs. print

One of the common questions we get from clients is what is the difference between the digital prints and the giclee fine art prints. … Our giclee fine art collection is one of the best print reproduction methods available in the world. It is a process that uses a 12 color ink jet printer, fine art acid free papers and canvas, and ultra chromed pigments based archival inks.

For better final quality we just use original EPSON Ultra Chrome inks and papers of brands such as Hahnemühle, Arches, Canson or Epson Fine Art.

Hand numbered,sealed and hand signed.


The best Fine Art papers available…

Textured fine art paper Ultra

FAVINI 250 grs.

100% cotton

Acid free

Smooth canvas Ultra

280 grs.

Poly-cotton 100%

Acid free

Certification of limited edition giclées

Hand signed and numbered

Sealed and stamped

Certificate of Authenticity

This collection has been licensed by Estartús

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” I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I did working on it “

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