Ruttum, neé Arnau Casas, was raised in a family of well known contemporary artists, no surprise he decided to join Fine Arts in college. Ruttum displayed a great talent for painting from very early ages, so much he even won the Venice Biennale award.

Although his orthodox, classic and contemporary roots, Ruttum started diving into more avant-garde areas, most specially transformative and informalist abstract art, to end up in a middle ground. In most recent times, he has been more active in the figurative art, something similar to Francis Whooper Bacon, using oils in many colours mixed with street junk to create a vey personal interpretation of Abstract Figurative Art, Pop, and Street Art hybrid.

Ruttum has signed for Corner4art to apply his innovative vision into the world of Comic Art, including Japanese and US Comic Art, such as Dragon Ball, Peanuts, superhero and Disney characters.


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