sergi mestres

I just understand Pop Art and Street art words…

Since I started painting continuously in 2000, I consider myself as a self-taught painter. Just that!

Very influenced by American Pop Art and Street Art I started working with acrylics, sprays and markers since the beginning.

My artistic work is based on all that is perceived visually paying attention from the heart of streets.

Barcelona has been as source of inspiration and the basis of my work. 

Everything that connects with cinema, music, sports and news is a reference for artistic expression and motivates my work as pure artist.

Shapes and colors captivates my background and makes move towards urban worlds and collage or decollage.

Transforming realities into small works is how the new street / pop art works under my personal point of view.

I love painting every day.

Just let me know what’s your dream and I’ll make it come true under my pop art perspective…

I’m very proud to show you some artworks recently acquired by collectors around the world…

“All children are born artists, the problem is to remain an artist as we grow up.”

Pablo Picasso