sergio bleda

Erotic art and beyond

Starting in 1991 with a strip for a weekly local magazine, Sergio Bleda is considered one of the most talented comic artists in Spain.

He has been publishing his works in the most relevant countries, like France, The Netherlands, UK, and Spain.

His pin-ups published by Marvel and his development of characters in his own books including Vampire Dance, L’Vamp, Bloody Winter, Wednesday Conspiracy vol I and II and Dolls Killer, show us the style versatility of Bleda. Moreover, his last work has been published in Europe by the comic editorial, Casterman.

Since he started drawing erotic pin-ups, many collectors worldwide enjoy his unique artworks, which incorporate techniques to represent the sensuality of women bodies. His careful treatment of pencils and watercolor creates a delightful composition.

He’s been awarded in multiple occasions during the last years and he’s been recognized as the most important erotic pin-up artist in Spain.

We’re very proud to show you his greatest artworks!

Sex is something for me and you!

drawings and paintings

To tribute masters like Frazetta, Eisner, Adams or Spiegelman it’s how I connect them with my art…

“Sex is something that we should do”